Where have you been? What have you seen?
Great video: good example of how you have to keep on your toes re unexpected 'directs' to waypoints not on your initial flightplan...

I must admit that your camera mount position had me stamping on the right rudder at one point as it 'left' the tarmac and approached a runway light !!

Peter :wink:
"not looking forward to the radio side of it"

It varies.

You are on autopilot 100% of the time, which reduces workload dramatically. But of course the IR checkride is flown by hand. They can allow enroute sections to be flown on autopilot but you will hand fly approaches much better if you turn off the AP at least 20nm before you get there.

ATC ELP varies a lot. In N Europe it tends to be pretty good, and "native English" people are OK with it, especially if you had been watching Colditz ;) Further south it can easily be much worse, with France and Spain having swept ATC ELP comprehensively under the carpet. Of course if you are French or Spanish then you see no problem with English heavily accented in your own language (such is the nature of language). For some really poor ELP, as well as seriously dodgy phraseology, see this video

and this is typical of France. In fact I would say Spain has improved a lot since say 10 years ago, and same with Italy. Former Yugoslavia and south of there is pretty good.
Peter - nice video - high production values.

I'm curious how you did the sound?
(I've experimented with intercom interfaces - dealing with hum etc. - and a suction cup mic on the headset. The latter works the best for me and you can get blue-tooth mics these days.)

@peterh337 Thanks for your reply about the ATC side. I've flown in most European countries. Generally I don't find problems with it, either being understood or understanding.

Its getting the replies correct and fast. I can get a bit confused verbally at times, its something to do with Dyslexia. I will often read back instructions in reverse order. or something like that. I feel confident that I will be able to cope when I have the rating, its the thought of the exam that concerns me.