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By Iceman
@Rich T, remember this Extra 400 from our visit last September ? We now know why he went through the fence at the far end. We were told by the Oban airport staff that Extra were arriving from Germany to dismantle the aircraft and take it back to the factory in Germany, there to repair it at a cost of £250,000 :shock:.

Where the Extra was parked at Oban on the old disused runway started to look like a bit of a Death Row last summer with a C172, a TB20 and the Extra 400 all being parked there after various incidents.

Iceman 8)
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By Rich T
Well (as you know) our TB20 is back in service again after my incident. I presume the other 2 have now gone? Just as our spare parts arrived, we were starting to get some pressure from the airport to move, and I assume they’d have done the same to the others.
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