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By MagDrop
Not a trip report, but advice please.
A visit to Glenforsa is on my bucket list.
Base airfield to Carlisle for aircraft and body refuel, no problem.
I am assuming very high probability of of cloudbase precluding any direct routing.
My aim is to coastal creep, to minimise over water time and have some green under me if it suddenly goes very quiet in the cockpit. Basically it would be a squeeze between the wet stuff to port, and high stuff to starboard.
Looking at Skydemon and Google Earth my first shot at a plan is:
Carlisle - Lennox/Plunton - Newton Stewart - Girvan. (Is it possible to get up through that valley to avoid the danger areas to the west?)
Girvan - West Kilbride along the coast assuming zone transit through Prestwick.
West Kilbride - Bute (dodging EGR515) - Lochgilphead - Dunstrune Castle.
Continue coastal creep and island hop to Oban - Glenforsa.
Any advice or experiences would be much appreciated.
By riverrock
Normally cloud isn't too bad, so can route Carlisle - West Kilbride almost direct via the valley that includes Thornhil. Coastal route is very pretty through!
Routing via Lochgilphead is good but that pass can have low cloud so also plan alternatives via Inveraray or to cross Mull of Kintyre earlier if it is blocked.

Do PPR. It is a grass strip - the grass munchers are often deployed over the winter so may need moved and it can get wet. It can cloud in around Oban so you can get almost there then get stuck - don't be afraid to divert!

By MagDrop
Thanks Riverrock,
Not planning to go until the Spring, so hopefully strip should be ready.
Thanks for the info on the valleys.
Hoping to go as straight as possible, but if it has to be low level I don't want to be going any valleys that I can't turn round in if I see cloud ahead. This trip may be on my bucket list, but I don't want to kick it just yet! :(
By proteus
Kirkbride is another option to consider for refuel on your way up.

I tend to route up towards Cumnock, then the Prestwick corridor. Over Bute and direct up.

Going via Thornhill can avoid most of the high ground if you're worried about terrain.

It's always fun to visit Glenforsa.
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By GolfHotel
Take note of the wind as well. It can be a bit bumpy in those valleys.

But great trip to do.

Glenforsa itself has a bit of a sloping runway. Nothing to be worried about but it’s a bit unusual to find a sideways slope. Also someone has put a big lump of rock at one end of the runway. I’ve heard people say that has surprised them. Again nothing to worry about just be aware there is a mountain in front of you.

A nice meal in the sun looking over the sea, or a few drams in the evening as the sun goes down. Perfect.
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By Iceman
What are you flying @MagDrop ?

Have a look at the METARs and TAFs for Carlisle, Prestwick, Glasgow and Oban, and the 214/215 for general area cloud, wind and freezing level. Also the visible satellite pictures. Take a look at the Glenforsa webcam prior to departure and get an unofficial report during PPR.

If there is little cloud between Carlisle and Turnberry then a direct routing would be better, otherwise take the coastal route via Castle Kennedy. If the cloud is that low that you can't get through at Lochgilphead then you probably won't be going anyway, but a low-level coastal route is sometimes then an alternative.

Watch the winds at Glenforsa. If it's blowing a southerly then the Glenforsa approaches can be quite vicious with turbulence and wind shear so be prepared for a diversion to the 01/19 runway at Oban. There is no fuel at Glenforsa but MOGAS is available from the local petrol station.

Iceman 8)
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By MagDrop
Thanks for the advice.
I will be in a EV-97 Eurostar.
Apart from the cloudbase, the main constraint will be the wind at Glenforsa. Any significant predicted cross-wind will make it a non-starter. Oban's 01/19 will be a convenient diversion if Glenforsa turns out to be a bit too frisky on the approach. :(
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By Iceman
If you book the hotel and for any reason, can't get in to Glenforsa but can get in to Oban, take the ferry across to Mull and Brendan will then probably pick you up from the ferry terminal if you ask nicely :D.

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