Where have you been? What have you seen?
By Mike Charlie
A report put together by myself and flying friend Mike Blake following an amazing week last summer. Visit was to attend the Gothenburg aero clubs 100th anniversary open day held over a weekend in June, we arrived via Stockholm having first visited friends.

This was my first serious flying adventure abroad and saw my Cessna pass through 10,000 hours and myself 1,000 since gaining my PPL in 2013. I know Sweden and the Baltic countries have been written up many times before, but maybe this report will inspire others who have not toured or ventured abroad to plan a similar adventure.

Not being a techno wizard I've had trouble uploading pictures to go with the write up until inspiration hit me. Why not simply send a link from Skyward Flight Training based at Rougham airfield Suffolk, here you go.

I am planning on Malta as the the main flying adventure for 2019, its the islands aero clubs 50th anniversary fly in. Would be interested in hearing from any other pilots who fancy joining up, would be fun to get a group and fly down together

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By Mike Charlie
For some reason the link when I tried didn't work, just cut and paste in Google , it will take you to Skyward flight trainings page click and enjoy...!
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By Dave W
The other way is to put [url] tags on the line with the link in it - the easiest way to do that is to highlight the bit you want to make a link, and then click on the "chain" icon at the top of the post window.

I've done that for you in the OP now.

Apologies for not helping earlier with this as I wanted to, Mike.

Magnificent writeup. :thumleft:
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By A le Ron
What a brilliant trip! We did something similar in a PA28 180 about five years ago; I'd recommend Sweden to anyone.
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By akg1486
It was nice meeting both of you at Aeroseum last summer; I was beginning to think there wouldn't be a write-up, but here it was. Glad you enjoyed the trip. At Aeroklubben (that you visited) we do a 15 hour (or so) European trip every summer so I can echo the sentiment that it's the kind of trip that money can't buy.