Where have you been? What have you seen?
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By ConcordeBA
My brain on overload, If you’re a pilot, you’ve probably been there.

Here is a quick insight into what it is like to keep the airplane under control, on course and maintaining altitude whilst entering IMC (Instrument meteorological conditions)

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It is just practice and currency that seems to magically provide more capacity to the point where you are not even conscious of whether you are in IMC or VMC.

I thought you did fine, you missed elements of a transmission but that happens sometimes. On the initial call you could have suggested or requested direct to the IAF as a plan in your head instead of being given that information by the AFISO and having to do the read-back. But then again if there had been a good reason from the AFISO side not to do that you would have been left with more thought to go through.

Dunno if that helps any.
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