Where have you been? What have you seen?
A short video from an extremely wet visit to Teesside from Cambridge yesterday.

Camera shake has almost entirely been eliminated through the use of Fat Gecko mounts. The pulsing previously seen whilst shooting the Garmin screens of the glass cockpit has been dramatically reduced by dropping the shutter speed to 1/25 in the Protunes section of the GoPro setup.

I hope you enjoy it!

Audio balance is a tricky art (particularly to a beginner like me). I find that what sounds perfect over headphones or on a TV suddenly sounds poor on a mobile phone or tablet. There seems to be no one-size-fits-all mix.

That said, there is no commentary overlapping the music in this video @PeteSpencer

The last few videos have all had an ND filter on the forward-facing camera, but the last two or three have been shot at 25 fpm rather than 50 fpm and for whatever reason, it seemed to reduce its effectiveness. This video marked a return to 50 fpm, other than on the panel, which was at 25 fpm and with a manual shutter speed of 1/25. That seems to have made a significant improvement to the previous screen flickering.
I had an overhead transit from Durham Tees Valley in August going to and returning from Duxford. Very helpful ATC. I had them down as a Wx Diversion on the way back as the weather was not particularly good. In the end I made it to Eshott before I had to land and await better weather. I would not have objected to the landing fee and handling if I had landed there. However, a tenner at Eshott is a wee bit cheaper. :D
I like the nice, clear video and those camera mounts do a great job. A nice day for ducks :D

The only snag I hear is "....WITH YOU". AAaaaarrgghh, of course you're 'with him/her' or else you wouldn't be conversing. It's a bit like the American carriers who insist that they're "checkin' in", as if they're in a hotel. Sorry for the rant, just another pet hate from a silly old got who seems to have too many :oops:
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PaulSS wrote:The only snag I hear is "....WITH YOU". AAaaaarrgghh, of course you're 'with him/her'

I bought the GoPros originally with the idea of critiquing my own performance in the quiet of my own home. The videos for public consumption thing only came about through the suggestion of a friend.

It is quite amazing how many flaws, verbal tics and other annoyances the videos have brought to light that might otherwise have remained undetected. I'll add that one to the list @PaulSS !
I'm sure I could download Cap 413 and find the answer.

But if a service says to you, "Contact XXXXX on nnn.nnn", then what would you say other than "G-XXXX, with you"

And why is it better?

Rob P
You'd contact the new service with your callsign and altitude/flight level. Obviously if your were doing something like climbing then you'd report this with you cleared level.

Why's it better? Because it's in CAP 413 and it doesn't clog up the ether with non-standard phraesology.
I think there is a judgement call here. CAP413 does not, for example, envisage the use of courtesies such as "Good Morning", and yet by common convention, a greeting is added to most initial calls. The use of 'Checking in' is not restricted to dodgy American Pilots and me. RT Traffic levels on some London sectors make for inevitable situations in which traffic arriving on frequency steps on one or more others. The commonly heard response from London will be "Speedbird 123 was that you checking in?"

Whether or not that, and other RT lubricants are appropriate will depend for the most part on the pressure on the frequency concerned, and on the likelihood of misunderstanding. Were I to be an ATCO in London Control, I would certainly stick more rigidly to CAP413 when dealing with CAL123 than I would if talking to BAW123.

As with many aviation subjects, there probably isn't a single answer to this one that keeps all parties happy.
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You're absolutely right and I am totally guilty in the use of 'good morning' etc. More specifically it was the rantings of a silly old git who just doesn't like 'with you' because it really is totally superfluous. You wouldn't be chatting to the friendly ATC person if you weren't 'with them'.

As I say, certainly plenty of huge logs to remove from my eyes :oops:
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