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By ianfallon
Another great trip to to the Scilly Isles last week.

I'd like to say a big thanks to everyone in ATC at both Lands End and St Mary's in particular.
Really helpful and friendly. :thumleft:

In the end I had to make use of the special Sunday afternoon departure-whilst-closed option. No problem but take a copy of your insurance certificate (with 1.75M cover) and it's worth remembering that the radio will be very quiet in terms of ATC until you get to Newquay on a Sunday with St Mary's, Lands End and Culdrose closed.
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By ianfallon
Being VFR-only this was a bit of a "time to spare go by air" experience.

The initial plan was to fly down Monday and back Wed or Thu (with forecasts looking reasonable to do so on Sunday) but persistent fog which consistently failed to lift in the afternoons stopped even commercial flying to and from St Marys.

Thankfully, Friday evening/Sat morning's front passed through (less brutal than predicted (the forecast was bad enough for them to cancel the Salonian boat to Penzance for Sat AM)) giving way to wonderful conditions for an easy direct flight back to Hinton on Sunday afternoon (1hr55 for me).

So - worth being aware that St Mary's and Lands End can both suffer with persistent fog even in the face of substantial winds and despite any TAFs indicating it will break up!

The extra days meant more time with my Dad and visits to both St Agnes and Tresco (by small boat). Not a bad place to get 'stuck' in the scheme of things.
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By GolfHotel
Rob L wrote:The Scilly Isles are the only place I've been on a pub crawl by boat!

Should that be a pub swim then?