Where have you been? What have you seen?
Another home movie. It's amazing what you can achieve on an 11 hour long haul flight. This one tells the tale of a flight last Saturday from a thoroughly miserable Cambridge over to sunny Lille.

A bit of shake from two new camera mount positions, but otherwise, not a bad result. I continue to learn slowly from each one.

Nice video:
Technical question: How do you turn your GoPros on and off? Or do you just leave them on all the time and edit later?

My gopro is mounted behind my head to the cabin light dome so I can't see the screen: it is possible to use bluetooth from my mobile phone but something always seems to go wrong.

Theoretically I can also use voice activation ('gopro start recording') but I never can confirm recording has begun.

Interestingly the voice expletive 'sh it!' is a recognised 'stop' command, but not apparently start.