Where have you been? What have you seen?
By TopCat
Came across this accidentally on the telly just now in my YouTube feed, does that make me a groupie?

Before people get too excited about what I watch, it was after (Strictly's) It Takes Two and University Challenge on iPlayer.

Nice though. I could do with an excuse to fly into Cambridge, albeit not when the base is 200'. The Park and Ride is good, they say?

Judges' comments:

Bruno: music much better than usual
Craig: GoPro anti flicker filter much worse than usual.
Darcey: great top line
Shirley: footwork needs attention - could have held those wheels off a bit longer
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By PaulSS
I, too, enjoyed this video and the combination of views.

Genuine question, though, do you always land with that sort of pitch setting (propellor) or did you go to Max/Fine and it just wasn't shown on the video?
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By PeteSpencer
Nice video: It's a journey I've done many times, though only once IFR and its nice to see how the 'professionals' do it.

At what height on the GS did you knock off the autopilot?

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By 2Donkeys
Not sure about 'professional', but thank you!

I tend to take the autopilot out as I break visual and landing is assured. It is certificated down to 100' AGL so that is never going to represent a conflict. Both GPSs provide positive guidance in missed approach, so leaving the AP coupled until I know I am going to land takes some pressure off the missed approach if needed.

I probably fly one approach in three manually to keep the rust spots down to a minimum.

Interesting to hear what others do too.
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