Where have you been? What have you seen?
By Joshcrane
I’m planning on flying from east Anglia too Perranporth, Cornwall. Has anyone made the trip and if so any advice before i set off ? I’m heading down there in a pa28.


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By Morten
I've made that trip a couple of times, also once in a PA28.
For sightseeing, I follow the south coast from Bournemouth on the way there and the North Coast to Bristol on the way back.
Nothing special to note.. The danger/restricted areas are not an issue on the weekends. The Bristol CTA forces you out over the water of you go around it but the view of the docks is quite nice.
Coming from Elstree, I did not refuel the PA28, but coming from further away you may need to, so best to fuel on arrival, giving you more flexibility when leaving.
Proximity of the cliffs and the likely winds means some potential fun on final, but the runways are plenty long to allow for that.
Lovely walk over the cliffs to St. Agnes for lunch if you want it.

Should be a lovely trip :thumright:
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By GolfHotel
Get a briefing about winds over the cliffs. Not usually a problem but worth being aware of them on occasion.

The cliffs and shore are quite outstanding in places. Enjoy lots of space and not much CAS.
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By ianfallon
Perranporth is a great place. Easy and friendly with Avgas too.
I love the circuit out to the sea and the base leg cliffs make for spectacular views.
Taxi to the beach and enjoy - there's even a pub on the beach :thumleft:
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By Cessna to the sky!
Paul_Sengupta wrote:
ianfallon wrote:Taxi to the beach

Can you get the RV down those lanes? :shock:

Room enough in St Mawes this morning for a boat and a ton of seaweed :?