Where have you been? What have you seen?
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By EdH
We're always on the lookout for flying adventure features to inspire and entertain FLYER readers.

So, if you're planning, or have taken a trip, whether big or small, that you think other pilots would like to read about in FLYER, then drop me a line at ed.hicks@seager.aero and tell me about your idea.
Used my Flyer free landing voucher to visit Guernsey for the first time on Sept. 27th.
Everyone and especially the approach controller where so friendly and helpful that I was made to feel really welcome. Even better no handling fee from ASG for my single day visit and the round the island bus tour cost £1.
Parsimonious Swinderby
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The furthest ‘south’ I’ve got to has been La Rochelle. My plan for a 2 week break in August is:
Troyes (customs/immigration)

Any comments or thoughts? Very early days planning. How tricky is the approach to Annecy for example?

Nothing particularly difficult or testing about any of these (Though it must be said I was in the RH seat for Annecy, so it was unlikely to cause me any issues). The low level route offshore Cannes is worth the trip alone.


Rob P
For Venice-Friedrichsafen (VFR), we did this in May over two legs, in a 182, in reasonable weather for the first 2/3rd of the trip, a bit rainy arriving at Friedrichsafen. Our route was:
Leg 1 - Venice-Voslau, routing over Trieste, south end of Ljubljana CTR, then pretty much direct from Celje to Voslau.
Leg 2 - Voslau-Friedrichshafen, routing overhead Wels, then direct Friedrichsafen with great views of the Alps all the way on our left (through the rain, despite them being lit by sun).
Very scenic all the way, views of rolling Slovenian hills made me want to revisit on foot to do some wandering.
Don’t know where in the UK you’re returning to, but I can recommend a stopover at LFGA in Colmar just south of Strasbourg. Not very far from Friedrichshafen, though. Strasbourg is nice, too: there’s a GA airfield called LFGC. From memory, there was no landing fee (three years ago).

For customs, we recently used LFAQ Albert Bray that looks to be on your route. Efficient and service with a smile.
Okay, so this may seem an ignorant question but can I ask someone to confirm my interpretation of the French AIP for LFQB (Troy).

1. ATS is open 0830-1130, 1230-1730 LT. No PPR required unless for extensions, in which case before 5pm LT previous working day.
2. Customs prior notification before 1700LT previous working day.

Ditto, similar for LFAQ (Albert-Bray).
1. ATS 0800-1800 summer Mon-friday. PPR not required except outside scheduled hours.
2. Customs - prior notice 8 hours weekdays before ETA.

Of course, it would be sensible to cc. the ATS when sending through the customs update.
Finally, if my ETA changes (e.g. delayed departure due to weather in the UK) what is the usual practice? Email, telephone or just arrive late (so long as within ATS and Customs operating hours.

Thanks in anticipation.
2Donkeys wrote:Annecy to Cannes is best achieved by avoiding the rocks and routing down the Rhone valley to the MTL VOR before turning left and heading to Cannes. Venice to Friedrichshafen is a more involved answer.

Looking at the charts there are a number of restricted airspace’s (LR71, LFR196, LFR138) between MTL, DGN en route to Cannes. What’s your experience of transiting On a weekday? I can’t see an alternative!

Thank you.