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By ConcordeBA
Barely a few days had passed and I was already planning my next IFR trip. I had a mental list of all the people that I had previously turned down due to my ongoing IR training, of which as result any additional trips outside of this training detail were cancelled. I wanted to go somewhere that I hadn’t been before and most importantly I didn’t want to fly too far due to the sheer cost I had spent on the previous months flying. The idea of this flight was to boost my Instrument Rating Confidence, along with experience an international airport outside my comfort zone.


So I invited a friend I hadn’t flown with in at least 8 years. This would be his first time in this specific aircraft and he had family connections in Sheffield, so the obvious choice would be an airways flight to Doncaster Sheffield [EGCN].

Any suggestions or proof-reading welcome;

Read more about this short day-trip here: https://www.theflyingvlog.uk/planning-t ... -corridor/

The videos for the flights:

Outbound flight -

Inbound flight -

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By ConcordeBA
A short IFR Airways flight to Doncaster Sheffield for some Whitby’s Fish & Chips. The London TMA is getting busier and busier. We conduct an ILS/DME onto Runway 20 into DSA/EGCN after flying the TNT 1D arrival and I give some oversight of my passenger brief, take-off brief, and approach brief courtesy of my new checklist.

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By ConcordeBA
Flyin'Dutch' wrote:Having lived in DTY for some time and flown out of DTY Int'l Spaceport for a decade I never heard the CTA referred to as the DTY corridor; I suppose one lives and learns.

It's the sector groups, 27, 28, 32 & 35. The clue is in the charts where it says DAVENTRY CTA :lol:
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By nickwilcock
The Daventry RC is at F100/F110. Details are shown in the UK MilAIP ENR-5-1-9.

a. Swanwick Mil Central is responsible for providing an airways crossing service through the Daventy CTA. The Daventry Radar Corridor (DTY RC) is the
preferred method for OAT to cross.

b. Pilots wishing to use the DTY RC are to comply with Swanwick Mil prenotification procedures and state their intention to cross the DTY RC in item 18 of the flight plan.

Limits: Centred on the DTY VOR/DME and aligned on the 066°/246° radials, the DTY RC is 8nm wide and available bi-directional at FL100 and FL110.
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By ConcordeBA
Join this quick IFR airways flight from Doncaster to Stapleford. I fly my first SID since gaining my Instrument Rating and enjoy a fascinating sunset as we descend through the layers of cloud.