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By jcouch
Having read Carl Meek's post on different country requirements (Germany permit is listed as ?) does anyone have 2021 experience of procedure for permit aircraft flying in Germany please? I have searched the AIP and Gen 1-17 (from a LAA post but dated 2002) where permission needs to be applied for but has anyone applied to the DFS and what email address was successful?

Any help much appreciated.
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By CloudHound
Are you intending to fly a UK reg permit a/c to Germany?

If so you’ll need to consider the route and other countries over which you may fly.

Also your pilot licence status if it’s an NPPL.
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By bogopper
We went to Bonn & Koblenz in August in an RV8. No problem at all.

GAM-DVR-Calais-KOK-LNO direct across Belgium at FL60. Most accommodating.

Biggest difference we found was everyone in Germany on the radio speaking German only.

Enjoy your trip
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By Dave W
patowalker wrote:

If your Permit aircraft is not a homebuilt, then as above you'll require permission. (Max 180 days each year)

The link unfortunately doesn't give contact details from whom to request permission, although it references Luftfahrt-Bundesamt, Division B 1 ( ... _node.html)

Strangely they don't seem to publish email contacts but the postal address and relevant phone numbers are:

Division B 1
38144 Braunschweig
Fax: +49 531 2355-3199
Telephone: +49 531 2355 + extension 3102/3125/3126