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By TopCat
Not really a trip report as such, but I went to Bicester yesterday for the first time. A mate of mine has a share in a Cub based there so I thought I'd drop in and have a nose around.

It's a really nice little field, and actually not so little. The grass runways are in excellent condition - especially for an ex-gliding site; the long one 34/16 at almost 800m is plenty, and it's a taxy up the other one from the intersection to get to the parking area so all drama-free if you land reasonably short.

Interesting aeroplanes - there was a Stearman and a Tiger Moth and a Eurofox on the grass, a Europa had recently landed, and among other things there were two Cubs and a Harvard in the hangar.

Not even A/G - calls to Bicester Traffic on Safetycom on 135.48 are the order of the day; but all the calls I heard, and there were a few, were all well disciplined. OHJ and a tight circuit were also nice to see. It's trivial to wind off 260' to set the QFE if you fancy it.

There's not much there yet other than tea and coffee making facilities which I didn't use, but if the place gets some support then that might change. There were quite a few people about. I also happened across the airfield manager and had a chat with him - nice guy.

I think it's worth supporting.
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By skydriller

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By Danny
Good to hear. I passed abeam Bicester on a Navex last week and remember thinking it looked quite nice. Think I'll take a look myself now, thanks.
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By nallen
TopCat wrote:OHJ and a tight circuit were also nice to see.

Have they stopped winch-launching there now? (I know some gliding is still happening, but perhaps this is all aerotow.)
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By Stephen Slater
Based at Bicester. Quiet still, but a friendly place with a mix of classic types, microlights, motorgliders and the odd paramotor at weekends. PPR via the Bicester Aerodrome Company website, which also has airfield information.

All gliding these days is aerotow only. Sadly no gliding club these days, but plenty of training with the motorglider school.