Where have you been? What have you seen?
By stodge
Except these two stages are entirely arbitrary and depend largely on the TK provider you choose.

I did the exams back in 2016 in two bites over a period of about three months. It was pretty tough but much of it genuinely interesting, if not always especially relevant (I could tell you quite a bit - at least back then - about the EICAS system on a Boeing 737!).

I suspect the mandatory introduction of PBN training will have changed the rather outdated TK in the area of Flight Planning - at least I sincerely hope so. There was absolutely none of it a couple of years ago. The concept of RNAV was introduced in a very primitive way, with an inordinate amount of time spent on VOR shifters like the KNS 80 I used when I first learned to fly back in 1996. Absurd and of no practical relevance to the realities of flying IFR in 2018 which is almost wholly GPS-based from finding your way round the departure airfield, to flying the SID, the en route portion, the STAR and - more and more often, at least across the Channel - an RNAV (sorry, RNP) approach to LPV minimums.

Oh, and then the geo-referenced destination airfield to find your way to the parking space.