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By Nick T
Hi all!

I've not been flying as much as I'd like recently, only really getting up once every five weeks or so. This manifested itself as serious rust when I flew a couple of weekends back... It wasn't a flight I was happy with; my iPad not connecting up to the PilotAware was the catalyst that led to me being distracted and forgetting some of the basics. The flight was fine, but I kept beating myself up about a number of silly, minor things that I'd not done correctly.

As a result, I decided to get back out in the Shareoplane as soon as I could, to get over the 'ring rust', remind myself that I could actually fly properly and get some confidence back. That flight was on Sunday.

My flight was from Nottingham Tollerton, over Leicester and then routing down to the DTY VOR where I then turned for Oakham, did a little flyby over Rutland Water and then back to Nottingham via Melton Mowbray.

The flight was great - the late evening cloud being low, but not too low... the air being some of the smoothest I've flown in this year and the crepuscular rays making dancing patterns of light on the landscape below. An hour and a quarter of logged time just flew by (pun not intended) and I was having fun. Just what I needed.

Anyway, here's a shortish video of the flight.