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A few weeks ago the wife and I were invited to a wedding up in Aberdeenshire near Fraserburgh. We live in east London. With my wife being 35 weeks pregnant, flying commercial was not going to be an option. We were not real keen on the 10-11 hour each way drive so decided to chance it in our 177 cardinal FG. Longside (near Peterhead) was the closest and most suitable airfield so I got in contact with the airfield in advance via details I found on skydemon and their excellent webpage. I spoke with Fergus and Jonathan who were most helpful. Jonathan offered to meet us at the airfield, help me refuel and drive us in to town. Fergus had arranged ahead of time to ensure avgas 100LL would be available upon our arrival. They were true to their word.

Upon arrival it was incredibly windy (gusting 45kts) so after landing Jonathan directed me to a protected World War Two revetment where I parked and tied down for a couple of windy nights. Landing and parking fees were very reasonable £8 for landing and £5/night

The hospitality was amazing. Longside is truly a little gem of an airfield and the people that run it could not be nicer or more helpful. If you are up that way and looking for a fly-in destination be sure to put Longside on your list. I can not recommend it enough.
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