What are you planning? Where shall we go?
By johnm
I have had the privilege of flying with Mary a remarkable lady.
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By Korenwolf
This popped into my feed the other day;

"Spitfire trio and 100 vintage aircraft to fly over the Island for the first Mary Ellis Day"

One hundred vintage aircraft will take to the skies over the Isle of Wight in May ­— to celebrate the life of Second World War pilot Mary Ellis — who died in 2018.

https://www.countypress.co.uk/news/1824 ... ellis-day/

Anyone going?? The Vintage Aircraft Club's definition of a 'vintage' aircraft would appear to be any type which had its first flight 40 or more years previously, so aside from Cirrus owners, that's most of you lot then :lol:
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By Highland Park
PeteSpencer wrote:Hmmm. On that definition our beloved arrer is 'Vintage'....

Who would have known.

Peter :roll:

PA-28s certainly appear at Vintage Piper Aircraft Club fly-ins, including ex-Old Buck example G-NINC.

VPAC membership is £10 per year...

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By Smaragd
ChampChump wrote:I made contact some time ago but haven't yet heard anything back. Hoping to participate.

I wrote on 31/12 and got a reply on 3/1 so you might want to try again.