What are you planning? Where shall we go?
Yes, and someone on FB asked if there was a chance of one in Lancs sometime, so I am wondering about the viability of adding the Sunday straight after the Yorkshire one in Lancs or Cheshire whilst i am up north, if I could rustle up say another half dozen on that side of the hills.
I attended the Masterclass at Sherburn on Saturday.
An eclectic mix of aviators are now much better informed on licensing matters, infringement avoidance, aviation legislation and meteorolgy!
The night before the Masterclass Irv gave a presentation to Sherburn Aero Club members on using SkyDemon - this was the first time Irv has given this talk. Despite using SkyDemon for four years I really found the interactive demonstration brilliant and really useful. I would urge SkyDemon users to attend any further presentations that Irv may give.

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