What are you planning? Where shall we go?
Not to be outdone by the London meal (unfortunately I cannot join you on that date!) Cookie and I have discussed having a meal at an appropriate location in the Brum area.

Those who want to save Cookie from having to listen to my hangar flying stories are welcome to join. Put your name down below.

Venue - near the Airport, probably a curry house, likely the Shabar.


Look forward to seeing you there.
A while ago, Frank very kindly arranged supper evenings near Daventry, where we'd all learn a thing or two from various speakers. I recall talks from former EE Lightning pilots, former Chinook pilots, and a whole host of other friends who would come along and chat about their experiences.

I'd like to suggest a similar theme on 19 December, but this time it's going to be upon an engineering basis.
Everyone brings a toothpick, a tongue depressor, a small threaded metal screw and a tool.
I will then describe how all those things can be used in aviation.
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Shabar looks a good curry house - please add me in.

Potentially +1 if other partners are going - for some reason an evening of just pilots talking about their exploits has limited appeal to my co-pilotess :?
By PaulB
Rob L wrote:I'm possibly in :thumright: . I will know nearer the time, work depending :|

If PaulB signs up, I will try hard to make sure to be there; if only to wind him up something rotten.

I'm gutted that I can't do the 19th... my life is so dull that it's the only day in December before Christmas that I am already doing something!
@grahamgrg - very happy not to talk aeroplanes!

@PaulB That is big shame - who is going to start our conversations now! ;)
I have replied!

Should there be any stragglers who would want to join us please note that the venue has changed to

We are going to Essence of India Marton nr Coventry, meeting at 1900

The Black Horse, 15 Coventry Rd, Marton, Rugby CV23 9RH, United Kingdom
Cheers to all for coming, I see no compelling reason why we cannot do similar more often!

Will give it some thought.