What are you planning? Where shall we go?
I went on Saturday and was underwhelmed. The event was over hyped and under delivered. In particular:
Poor/ no signage, we were directed to the Car Boot Sale.
Nothing happening around the flightline jets.
Lots of excuses re the wind strength and direction, although local C152's and Cherokees seemed to manage ok. And an RV4 too.
Shabby effort on traders and very few catering outlets.
Squadron was closed except to VIP guests.
Entrance was advertised at £15, but £20 demanded on gate.
Avoid next year.
Hi Paul,
It wasnt the lack of visiting aircraft that was disappointing, the weather obviously was a big factor in light aircraft attendance, it was the sheer lack of activity around the vintage jets, ground or otherwise.
I would have thought it would have been relatively easy to arrange. :|