What are you planning? Where shall we go?
Rougham Airfield
(Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk)
The North Weald Marshalling Team.

Invites you to our
Vintage Aircraft Fly-in.

ALL Types & Owners Groups Very Welcome
£10 Fixed Wing £20 Rotary
In association with
The Rougham Control Tower Air Museum.
History of the 94th USAAF Bomb Group
Tea Room & Exhibits, Military Vehicles, Trade Stalls
Visit the Museum by Air
(Or by Road!)

The Airfield is unlicensed and operates on 123.165 MHz at all times. 900m well-mown grass runway orientated 09/27 with adjacent full-length taxiway, good airfield signage and runway marker cones.

Runway 09 TORA 780m, LDA 910m, runway 27 TORA 930m, LDA 760m.

Runway is 18m wide, elevation 200' AMSL altimeters to regional QNH.

09/27 are RH circuits with 1500ft overhead join to avoid local MATZ and 1000ft circuit height.

PPR Contact the airfield - Skyward Flight Training 07763 148640

Arrivals by Car £5

Overnight Camping Available
Due to the cancellation of the Vintage Piper Aircraft Club (VPAC) Fly In at Stow Maries in August due to the weather, it’s looking likely that the Sunday will be also be used as a VPAC gathering as an unofficial substitute. I’m hoping to take the Colt in at some point on Sunday, so if any forumites happen to likewise fly in, hopefully I’ll be able to meet some of you.

A friend of Rougham airfield has come forward with a generous offer as a fuel sponsor for tomorrow and Sundays vintage, and all comers fly in.

To qualify you must have flown in, and collected your free raffle ticket when booking in. This immediately enters you into the draw, winning ticket will be drawn at 16-00 hours daily. Prize will be £150-00 CASH or fuel to the amount, if under the difference given in CASH

Nothing to stop you attending both days and winning twice......!!!!

Weather forecast looks great, the more visitors the better, from micro lights, fixed wing single and twin and rotary, all welcome
Free fuel for a days flying to the two lucky winners thanks to our sponsor, we look forward to seeing you over the weekend.
88 arrivals and a very happy Cherokee pilot from North Weald who took away a £150-00 cash prize. Doing it again tomorrow with a further £150-00 up for grabs, forecast looks as good if not better

If all those who have PPR'd for Sunday we make break 100 arrivals, and if you haven't just pitch up. Make calls to Rougham Radio 123.165 from 5 miles out, overhead joins at 1500 ft on the QFE, descend dead side all circuits right hand. See you tomorrow

Control tower museum did a roaring trade, as did the BBQ, a great informal event, and show case for GA, a chance for the public wander amongst the parked aircraft, chat to pilots and enjoy themselves
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