What are you planning? Where shall we go?
The forecast was looking brighter until I spotted the wind speed. No long TAF for Shoreham, but BBC forecasting 40kt (mph?) for tomorrow. It is sort of down the runway (ish).

I will wait for the EGKA TAF in the morning. So long as I know I can land back at Shoreham, then getting to Wellesbourne (and hopefully landing) will be a bonus.
OK. I think this is one which will benefit from a revised date - a few of you have written suggesting the same.

I will therefore POSTPONE tomorrow, and come back to coordinate a revised date with the current population of attendees, which we can then open up to the wider forum.
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2Donkeys wrote:The TAF still contains TEMPO strong gusting crosswinds. I think we probably want conditions which allow the majority of attendees to feel comfortable flying in.

You're not kidding: I was being bounced around on friday dodging CBs and squalls and 40 mph gusts in the skies over Cambridge doing my IR reval which is why I couldn't attend in the first place.
However please put me down for the replacement date and I'll do my best to come.

Peter :wink:
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I agree, postponing the fly-in is the right decision.

As Pete pointed out flying in these conditions won't be much fun - the METARs for Oxford, Cranfield and Luton are all giving BKN at between 1400 and 1600 feet at the moment and the strong gusty crosswind is outside my personal limts (at least I think it is, but I have no intention of prooving it beyond all doubt).

I've suggested to Nigel by e-mail that we consider a Sunday next time as 23/05 would be available if conditions require it, although it would deny anyone attending the option of the retail experience that is Wellesbourne Saturday market. :-)