What are you planning? Where shall we go?
Thanks all. I have amended the list, hopefully reflecting all of your various contributions.

On the question of the maximum number of aircraft to be admitted by Wellesbourne, I will obviously work on them nearer the time. I can't be sure until we get a little closer. Obviously, if we can negotiate more aircraft, then the shape of the list will change somewhat, but I don't want to make promises now and disappoint later.
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Thanks @alexbrett2

@Mike Charlie , you are on the list!

For everybody: I will be contacting Wellesbourne in the next 10 days to see what luck I have in extending to encompass the full list. I will report back here when I have that conversation.

Likewise, once final numbers are confirmed from Wellesbourne's side, I will need your details for PPR fairly pronto. I will drop you a line individually to request PPR Details by Private Note once I've had the Wellesbourne Conversation. When requested, please reply promptly, or I will need to release your slot to a wait-lister.