What are you planning? Where shall we go?

Big boys and girls with their rocket ships, and an air display on the final day.

Free entry - as long you aren’t competing :)

I’m going for the final two days, Friday and Saturday (30th and 31st August). If anyone else is going and fancies saying hello, do shout. We can look up and say “oh yeah, I could do that”, before realising that was just the “sequence starting” wing rock. :)

By Air

BA and Ryanair have flights to Limoges from LGW and STN - as well EMA, MAN and LBA, depending on day. Flight time from London is abour 1Hr 20.

A 20 minute bus journey connects Limoges airport to the railway station. From there, Châteauroux is a one hour by train. An alternative option would be to rent a car.

By Train from London

Châteauroux is 6 Hours ‪20 from London St‬ Pancras. The change in Paris is relaxed enough to fit in lunch, before a two hour train journey from Gare d’Austerlitz to the centre of the town.

The booking horizon is 60-90 days. Through tickets can be booked via Loco2.

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