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.. from the Archives, for 3 weekends. Adams was the Gloster Aircraft Company staff photographer, responsible for some famous air to air shots of Meteors and Javelins especially

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Rob L wrote:Not related to Ansel Adams by any small chance?

I don't know, but have no reason to suppose so. Common enough surname on both sides of the Atlantic, including 2 US Presidents! And Russell is a common enough forename in UK.

As ever, happy to be further enlightened ..

I'm no photographer, but I'm not sure which is the greater achievement: coping with heavy and bulky camera equipment and film in remote areas to catch static views of Yosemite in 19th century, or coping with limited wet film at high G to catch fleeting combinations of subject aircraft and cloudscape background in the 1950s .. :)
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ChrisRowland wrote:Wet film? In the 1950s?

I mean, filmstock which would have to be wet-processed, with a limited number of exposures per reel and a limited number of reels which would have to be manually reloaded in the air, all in a cockpit with limited room, while wearing high-level military standard flying clothing.
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Several visitors have mentioned how good the pictures (and their displays) were, and there have been a few who have come because of them, including in camera clubs.