What are you planning? Where shall we go?
Koblenz is very pleasant with good beer, river cruises with lots of castles, Koblenz castle with cable car. St. Gallen is pleasant on the lake but you will need PPR for customs as Switzerland is not in the Schengen region. I'm not sure as to which museum you refer to but it is possible to get across to Friedrichshafen from St. Gallen via train and boat, and the Zeppelin museum is then on the waterfront.

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Just in case anyone is planning on using Konstanz, note they are currently PPR due to poor runway surface.

They have contacted me to say they will honour the booking I made made some time ago but to expect ‘ bad surface’ in places.

Still hoping Konstanz will prove to be OK but just in case it looks too lunar when we arrive I am looking nearby for possible alternates as well.

Leutkirch could work or, has anyone used Wildberg before - PPR I know, but hopefully not insurmountable to contact them between now and next week?
I was planning Leutkirch after hearing back from Konstanz about the runway condition. I am also considering ST. GALLEN-ALTENRHEIN (LSZR). It has a long hard runway and might be easier to get to Friedrichshafen from here. Does anyone have any experience with this place or am I better of sticking with Leutkirch?
I have been in to St. Galen in the past (not for the show) and we did then go to Friedrichshafen for the day to see the Zeppelin museum. We had to get a train along the Swiss side of the lake and then the ferry across which although pleasant was quite time consuming. St. Galen as an airport is fine but because Switzerland is not in the EU, you will have to request Swiss customs via the airport.

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I don’t have shares in it honest but Tannehiem is well worth a thought. I will be driving to the show from there Wednesday morning. It’s a long runway and very well drained with a great restaurant on site. Accommodation in town is cheaper than next to the show
That is Tannheim in Germany close to Memmeingen Airport.

How are you getting wheels there Pete there is no car hire on site is there?

(And yes great airfield)
Is there going to be a forum meet up at the Messe?

E.g Thursdayn and/or Friday at one of the eateries in the central open space at 1300?
Flyin'Dutch' wrote:Is there going to be a forum meet up at the Messe?

E.g Thursdayn and/or Friday at one of the eateries in the central open space at 1300?

We’ll hopefully be there Friday lunchtime.

BTW @Flyin'Dutch' my Class 2 medical was reinstated with no problem today after the six week pause since the eye op - thanks for the support and advice. :thumleft:
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