What are you planning? Where shall we go?
No one has offered to give a lift to anyone on this thread so far, and if I were to do so, there would certainly be no money involved. The principle I use when flying is that I'm going anyway so if others want to come along and fill seats then that is fine by me, and they won't get charged a penny.

Iceman 8)
What is the problem with asking for information?

We've got a long thread where people are condeming the use of a site on the internet to put pilots and people who want to fly in touch but here, on another internet site, the same thing seems to be totally acceptable.
Cost sharing is allowed, end of. We where talking about Friedrichshafen and who is going. Someone asked for a lift, so what. Please start another thread, if you want to rattle on about what should and should not be allowed.
Bulshit thread drift just discourages people from posting.
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I am hoping to get there by RV7 this time.

We’ll play it by ear and make a go/ no go call based on forecast during the lead up to the show. No idea where we will fly into yet, but will need to be a bit out of town, somewhere where we can get accomodation and a car at short notice.

Any ideas other than Memmingham or the other airfelds mentioned already-
What about Wildberg or any strips in that neck of the woods and use Lindau for a hotel?
( we need around 400m or so for the RV).