What are you planning? Where shall we go?
I've been nagging Irv for a long time to run one of his excellent PPL masterclasses up north and he is actually going to run two in a row!

The first being the first Sunday in March and the second a day later on the monday.

Apparently Sherburn Aero Club menbers get priority but non members will be offered any spare places at these that members haven't taken up. If enough non-members want one in Yorkshire, there is always the chance of a third Masterclass for them on another date. All details on www.higherplane.co.uk/seminars.html
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The main problem was finding consecutive dates that suited in March as the club wanted one weekend day for pilots/students who are only free at weekends and one work day which would suit retirees and self run business people. We really struggled with a Friday/Saturday combination (room has to be available as well as me) then found Sunday/Monday worked instantly.
I probably have a place left at the one between Popham and Blackbushe on Tuesday Jan 29th, it filled almost immediately from pre registered pilots (they chose the date so not a surprise) when it opened for bookings but a friend whom i kept a place for is now having trouble getting the day off work.
I was very lucky the attendees at Hook chose last Tuesday and not 3 days later. Friday snow closed roads and M3, people stuck for hours, etc!
Anyway, with the Sunday more or less full, (might manage one more member, we'll see), I can now open up Monday 4th March at Sherburn to pilots/students from other airfields (prior booking essential, numbers capped, only a few places left).