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(all of) May 2019: "Women in Aviation" at Jet Age

PostPosted:Thu Jan 10, 2019 8:06 pm
by kanga
Relevant dates are all Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays in May.

Following last April's successful RAF Centenary exhibition, JAM is organising this to mark the 90th Anniversary of Amy Johnson getting her PPL, and (in May) 89th of her UK-Australia solo Gypsy Moth flight from UK. Johnson settled in Gloucestershire until she left to join the ATA at the start of WW2. We are planning to have talks by or about former or current UK, especially local, aviatrices and other women involved in any aspect of aviation including groundcrew, ATCOs, engineers, factory workers, etc; and at least one BWPA fly-in.

First publicity was today on Radio Gloucestershire, in the chat intervals (between news, weather, traffic, music etc) during the first 40 minutes of the late afternoon programme, here:

As our organiser explains there, we are still looking for loans/gifts of relevant 'stuff', showing or legacies of women, Gloucestershire and wider UK, in aviation, past and present: photos, trophies, plaques, news cuttings, certificates, artefacts (eg tools or uniform items from the many local Gloucestershire aircraft assembly and component factories). We are limiting it to UK women or women's activities otherwise scope will be much too broad! If any Forumites think they might have something pertinent to offer, please PM me.

More details will be posted here as our plans firm up. Obviously, we may not be much of a diversion for some people planning to fly South to visit the microlight meet at Popham during the first weekend of May. Fly-ins welcome as ever, of course :)

Re: (all of) May 2019: "Women in Aviation" at Jet Age

PostPosted:Fri Jan 11, 2019 10:11 pm
by Chris Martyr
Kanga old boy ... :D

May I respectfully suggest [ either to yourself or to the Moderators] that this thoroughly deserving thread is also put onto the GA section .

For the simple reason that it will probably gain more attention there , rather than here .

Re: (all of) May 2019: "Women in Aviation" at Jet Age

PostPosted:Fri Jan 11, 2019 10:18 pm
by kanga
Thanks for the thought, but I would not presume to impose there until our plans are a bit more concrete... That first posting was meant only as a heads up for the dates.

Our speaker line-up is looking promising, and the displays and artefacts probably do not need detailed decisions just yet.