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Colonel Panic wrote:Will Diana Barnato Walker get a mention for being the first woman* to break the sound barrier?

* (as P2 IIRC)

Oops, only just remembered to check. Yes, there on the long timeline :thumright:
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Very good numbers on Saturday: the Military Wives' Choir evidently have their own 'groupies' :)
Sunday numbers OK, but probably less than the calibre of the speakers deserved.
For the final week:

Sat 25th:

1100: FLt Lt Victoria Turner RAF, Typhoon pilot
1400: Fiona Macaskill, paraglider world record holder (and global SEP PPL)

Sun 26th:

1100: Rebecca Whalley, Cathay Pacific pilot
1400: Capt Breeze AAC, Wildcat pilot

Mon 27th (BH), Wed 29th (halfterm): WiA displays still up, but no speakers.

Fly-ins welcome on all these days, as usual, of course