What are you planning? Where shall we go?
G-BGRM is 40 Years Old in 2019!
Romeo Mike was built in 1979 and was first registered in the UK on 1/8/1979 after the first test flight for its certification on 25/7/1979. I had the pleasure of owning this beautiful aircraft for the last four years since 5 January 2015, flying all over the UK and moving to various bases to follow work and life, from Popham, to Hinton-in-the-Hedges, Halfpenny Green, Liverpool and Sleap.
Some memories of recent trips all over the UK here:

To celebrate the 40th birthday of my pride and joy, I plan to visit Goodwood, Biggin Hill and Popham this summer (subject to weather, serviceability etc), which is where Romeo Mike was based for most of these 40 years with Goodwood Flying School and then Classair in Biggin Hill and meet with some of the people who learned to fly in RM or owned this beautiful Piper Tomahawk over the years.

So if you learned to fly in G-BGRM or you know any of the previous owners, then spread the word and meet at Goodwood/Biggin Hill/Popham at the beginning of August! If G-BGRM is in your logbook then come and fly with me in Romeo Mike again this summer (for free to celebrate!) or you are very welcome to arrange to visit us at Sleap this year. If you have any pictures, stories or memories from those days please send them via the link below or pm.

For more details visit Romeo Mike's page:

Bill B.
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Great story and lovely initiative.

I need to have a look as I did some Tomahawk flying at Turweston, can't remember the reg of the top of my head.
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