What are you planning? Where shall we go?
I've always stayed off site - there are plenty of hotels/motels around central Florida, and driving in isn't a problem. Friends of mine who used to work there every year used to stay in their RV on site despite living just down the road and I occasionally went and had a beer with them in their RV.

I'm unsure whether to go next year, I'm thinking maybe Friedrichshafen this time (they're on at the same time usually!).
It doesn't really have the Oshkosh vibe where there are loads of parties to attend in the evenings. Even Bendix King don't have a party at Sun'n'fun!

Even though I didn't actually stay on-site at Oshkosh, my evenings were taken up thus:

Kenny Loggins concert.
Traditional on-site restaurant meal with my friend Jay and all his friends.
Foreign visitors party.
Rob L's party.
My friend Jay's party.
Bendix King party.

The best you get at Sun'n'fun is the evening airshow.
I'm not part of the marketing team! ;-)

I guess the Oshkosh experience also depends on who you know or run into. :-)

Don't let it put you off Sun'n'fun, there's a good 2 or 3 days worth of stuff to see and do there. I usually spend 2 days there and that still doesn't give time to have a good wander around all the airside aeroplanes. It does give you a chance to have a wander round the warbirds, which usually includes some friends of mine in Bulldogs, Chipmunks and JPs! ;-) It's a Bulldog guy who drives the tractor pulling the warbirds around.

Just saying that I've never felt like I've been missing out by not staying on site.
Right oh. T'is all booked.

Me: 3/31/19 LGW -FLL Norwegian DI7403 then FLL-MCO Southwest tbc
Brother; 3/31/19 MAN -MCO VS

1st night in the Hyatt Regency OIA (hope Bruv don't snore. Wadya mean I do?)

Pick up early Mon 4/1/19 by Doug & Becky for their RVShare 2016 Thor Four Winds 28A- Class C. And straight to the Camping entrance,

We will have a fridge, awning, chairs and cups of tea. Bring beer.
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This time next week I'll be checked into the Bloc Hotel above Gatwick south terminal. My Norwegian Air Shuttle flight to MIA is Sunday 31st at 10.10 with a BST clock change thrown in to confusticate.

Bumping this up ^^^^^^^^^ to see if any Forumites have decided to attend. My bro and I have rented a ridiculously big Recreational Vehicle for the week and will be parked in the camp ground west of the main exhibition area.

We have -

an awning
a table
6 chairs, and

Stop by and say Howdy (that's a secret code word)

This time next week.......
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