What are you planning? Where shall we go?
The forecast for tomorrow shows that good weather should be arriving by 1000 with plenty of sunshine and light wind from the NW.
This will mean that it’s likely R25 will be in use so would suggest approach downwind over the wind turbine LHC.
On the winch track you should see the white coach which is the launch control and you can land adjacent to the coach or beyond it,
I’ve spoken to the contractor working on the peri track and he will not be working in the approach area tomorrow.
Call me on 07887 652350 after 0900 if you have any queries.
Should be a great day :D
Really good day at Nympsfield. Eight aircraft arrived, four tailwheel and four nose wheel and all survived despite the myth about the Nympsfield runway :roll:

Due to the poor weather moving to the south east it was no surprise that six cancelled but we were rewarded with plenty of sunshine later in the day.

I've met a lot of really nice people in aviation and today I met a whole bunch more.
Thank you all for coming and I hope to see you all again soon. :clap:

SOLELY made it by waiting for suitable weather - but might have been harder for those that didn't start off so close. Many thank s to Waveflyer for organising this ; I approve of midweek fly-ins. A pleasure to land at a very familiar field from my gliding days. The cafe has certainly moved up-market! Turned out very nice by the time we flew home.