What are you planning? Where shall we go?
Following on from the great programme by Arthur Williams where you will see some good shots of Nympsfield https://www.channel4.com/programmes/fly ... /65680-001 its a good opportunity to let you know another FORUM FLYIN in being organised for Wednesday 12th September 2018 (next day wx alternate).

For many powered aircraft pilots, gliding sites are a bit of a mystery because they tend to be no go areas. I am organising another flyin at BGGC, Nympsfield http://bggc.co.uk/ to try and show what goes on there and to introduce more people to the great facilities on the airfield. As well as that you can meet old and new friends, have food at the airfield cafe, some good fun and stay overnight. If you are camping or want B&B, please post on the forum. There’s even a bar. The airfield is set in about 100 acres on the top of the Cotswolds with a fabulous gliding club, a large clubhouse and the café with plenty of cake :D

Another recent thread viewtopic.php?f=1&t=109227 really does show that the GA community ought to be aware of ever present gliders that can sometimes be in groups of 50!

The day will include an informal talk about gliding, if you want a short flight we can arrange that at club rates and we will try and organise one or two other things to make it an interesting day.

If you would like to come please confirm your intention by posting on this thread with the usual details (even if you are driving in) so that I can get a positive idea of numbers for catering, glidng, camping B&B etc. Fingers crossed for good weather.

These notes are for guidance purposes only. If you have any doubts or questions please post on the forum and I will do my best to give you answers.


These notes are to assist any pilot visiting the FLYER FLYIN on 12th Spetember 2018 (next day wx alt).
Even up to the day of the event please look for the latest information on this thread.
You will find BGGC airfield briefing notes here http://bggc.co.uk/visitors/visiting-pilots/ Please familiarise yourself with those notes. Rules of the air and the BGGC notes take precedence over these guidance notes.

Significant crosswinds can create a lot of turbulence at Nympsfield in which event we will consider postponing to the reserve date.

SUGGESTED procedure.

Strictly PPR by posting on this thread, reg, a/c type, eta, POB.
No arrivals before 0900 local.
About 1 mile south of the field is Lynch Knoll wind turbine with a smaller turbine beside it. You may want to use this as a wind direction indicator.
Join downwind left at circuit height 1000’ AAL.
Hopefully, A/G service will be provided on 129.975. If not, make calls to “NYMPSFIELD TRAFFIC”. Please keep calls brief.
A number of the glider fleet do not have radios.
1st call. 5nm from the field giving aircraft registration, position and intentions.
2nd call. Downwind.
3rd call. Final.
Look out for gliders launching on the winch, by air tow or being towed along the airfield back to the hold.
The grass surface in the indicated area is in generally good condition. There are gently undulating slopes along the length and far less gradual slopes over the width. The side slopes are hardly perceptible.
If 07 is in use touch down adjacent to the Targett Aviation hangar or just before and you can roll out to the end of the field. Turn LEFT because a following glider will always land to your right. Follow the marshals to parking.
If 25 is in use touch down adjacent to the Glider launch point and once again you will have plenty of room for roll out. Turn LEFT but do not cross the track. A following glider will always land to your right. Once you see the approach is clear keep turning left and follow the marshals to parking.
Parking will be in a single line along the north side of the strip, please follow the marshals directions. Rotary aircraft will be in a separate area.
“C” will be at the café, please report on landing. £10 landing fee for all visiting aircraft.
If you are staying overnight please sign a temporary membership form.
Fuel is NOT available.
Issued on behalf of Bristol and Gloucestershire Gliding Club, BGGC.
Grumpy One wrote:Grumpy One
1128hrs BST (Approx)
Grumpy Stiffy
G-BZTN Europa
1129hrs BST (Roughly)
Grumpy Hugh
1129hrs BST (Almost exactly)

Three Grumpies and not a Grumman among them. I think that is actually proscribed in the latest edition of Trevor Thom Air Law. :roll: (If it isn't, it certainly should be, and I shall certainly be annotating my 1992 copy accordingly in crayon.)

I shall (a) endeavour to get the day off work and (b) attempt to time my arrival such that I can cut them all up in the circuit. I feel it would be rude not to.

G-OSTC, an actual Grumman.