What are you planning? Where shall we go?
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By Sir Morley Steven
Sorry I am away on hols in my French gaff with broken internet. I was visited by a Blackbushe flyout to Majorca and joined them so I am now in a frankly weird hotel just outside Magaluf, oyoy! But with 4g.

We will probably be back in France by the end of August but it is pretty fluid as I am waiting for my new aircraft to get finished.
By letpmar
I think we have to make a command decision. 1800 at De Hemms seems to work as a start. On the 29th. Someone else say where we are eating or we could just wing it on the night.

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By GrahamB
I assume we're still on for this? 6pm in the pub might be a stretch for me, but assuming you idle layabouts will be there for some time I'll no doubt catch up with you before you leave. :)
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By PeteSpencer
Nope: I'm out .
No decision= family stuff supervenes.
I'm not keen on trogging all the way in from E Angular just to traipse the streets on spec.
Have a good 'un.

Peter :wink:
By Cessna57
I’m still confirmed.

Happy wherever we eat, there’s no shortage of eateries in that part of the world.

That’s 2 of us. ;-)

Anyone else still confirmed for 18:00 or am I drinking on my own, wearing a red flyer lanyard ;-)