What are you planning? Where shall we go?
derekf wrote:
Iceman wrote:I think that all of the N- reg flyers were very glad of Paul's attendance that year as they suddenly took a great interest in his Bulldog :D.

Iceman 8)

Will you be coming through Jersey?

Probably not this time. We went direct to Le Mans last time and came back via Laval.

Iceman 8)
The only McDonalds I've ever come across with alcohol and table service (and as such, just about the only MaccyD's (sic) I'd ever willingly visit.).

Rob P
Dear all,

I have just finished the information document for this year's event :


Not much change for the regulars, except the fuel which has gone up to 2 eur per litre due to a rise in French fuel duty :(

Looking forward to seeing you all again.