What are you planning? Where shall we go?
Yes - we are doing it again!


You can fly in, chow down on some food and refreshments, have a good old chinwag and then perhaps fly off to somewhere else, taking advantage of the longer summer daylight hours & other fly-ins taking place on this date*!

We will be cranking up the cooking facilities in one of our hangars and providing Bacon Sarnies, drinks between 9.30 and 12.00. Arrivals pretty much any time in the morning, but 8.30 onwards to help us be there to organise the aircraft parking.

Full details here on this link, together with lots of information about noise abatement and what to expect when flying in.

PPR please via email or via flyer PM on this forum to me.
Look forwards to seeing some of our regulars again!

*I see already that Goodwood have a vintage US classics fly-in, Duxford have an LAA bonus day and there is a tail draggers fly in at Northrepps... there will be others!
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ChampChump wrote:
Iceman wrote:Will there be cake or is that a silly question ?

Iceman 8)

Samsonite and I were discussing this the other day. At what time does Breakfast require cake?

The answer to which is possibly when Paul arrives...

Currently awaiting management decision re official cake .. last year there was so much left over the W&B of Deanland based pilots was severely impacted for some weeks after the event :shock:

If they decide to go for the Full English as per last year then likely there wont be any cake as people were just too full to eat it.
If it's bacon* in a bun etc then we will raise the baking call to arms ( or wooden spoons) to all our regular bakers...

Watch this space ... :D

* ( or bring your own veggie option Roger !)