What are you planning? Where shall we go?
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By Rob P
Iceman wrote:and then having to clear customs and immigration before finally being able to relieve oneself really doesn’t help :lol:.

They have since instituted a refinement.

On our last trip (Feb 2020) we arrived direct from Malta, three on board including one who was reaching the border of massive bladder discomfort.

No worries, straight from the aircraft to the terminal on the golf cart, into the terminal which was unusually crowded, largely, actually wholly , with people in uniform. They wanted to talk to us.

We explained the third guy's discomfort to be met with basically "Tough sh*t".

There followed around half an hour of aggressive interrogation, each of us taken into a small room individually, bags searched thoroughly. Who were we? What were we doing coming from Malta? How much currency do you have on you?

Our guy just held out, but it was a close run thing.

A very impressive display from the border folk, cracking down on money laundering. Other than they didn't actually search the aircraft, which could easily have been, but wasn't, carrying huge volumes of folding money.

Rob P
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By Rob P
Naw, it was the pilot. A right dodgy bloke. He's even fled the country since.

Rob P
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By AfricanEagle
How many pilots are happy with 650m grass?

I am asking because there is a back up airport 20km away but being a big airport it also has all the hassles and expenses of big airports.

I will need to know in order to organize eventual ground transportation.

Still finalizing first destination so a thumb up or down will help make decisions.

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By Iceman
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Happy with 650m in the TB20 if I arrange to be light on fuel, taking into account likely higher temperature.

Iceman 8)
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By Rob P

Rob P
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By Tomahawker
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650m bit short for us if we're full of people and bags, so would opt for the 'big' airport .....

Happy to hire a rental car if needs be though, so wouldn't be dependent on transport
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By 2Donkeys
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Give us a clue @AfricanEagle . Which 650m did you have in mind and which big airport? Happy in principle with 650m, but don't know yet how many I will have with me.
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By AfricanEagle
Okay, here goes:

Wednesday 22 June.
First stopover will not be in Italy but will be the Republic of San Marino
Arrival for lunch
Visit the city

Airfield details: Torraccia Airfield - LIKD - grass, 625 meters long, 16/34 orientation, elevation 787ft. Fuel available.
Back up airport: Rimini International Airport - LIPR - asphalt, 2964 meters long, 13/31 orientation, elevation 40ft. Will check fuel

I have just been informed that San Marino intends asphalting the runway this Spring: knowing Italian timing they may not have finished by June. But also knowing Italian bureaucracy they will probably not have even started. Fingers crossed. I have a back destination for the arrival

Thursday 23 June
Depart San Marino late morning with arrival at Bagnoli
Tour TBD (it is a wine region :wink: )

Airfield details: Dominio di Bagnoli Airfield - IT-0307 - grass, 1200 meters long, 01/19 orientation, elevation 03 ft. No fuel available. Fuel is available at Venice Lido LIPV and Padua LIPU

Friday 24 June
3 free options
A: fly over to Venice
B: fly to Asiago for lunch
C: visit Padua and local region

Saturday 25 June
Departure or you may stay to see the Fly Party at the Bagnoli Airfield
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