What are you planning? Where shall we go?
Probably someone interested in the Fly-in at my home field? Since September 22nd no more travel restrictions if you are fully vaccinated (certificate required, see NOTAM). Customs available on spot. Please register prior to Oct 1st via http://www.maa.nl/vlaai-in if you want to come

From the website (translated from Dutch)

Fly to South Limburg On 2 and 3 October we will make a visit to South Limburg very attractive! During this Limburg version of a Fly In, you land at Maastricht Aachen Airport at a special rate of €20, and you leave with a delicious Limburg flan.
But of course, not before you have enjoyed one of the Limburg delicacies at Brasserie De Hangaar.
You can enjoy one of the 'Vlaai-in' specials here for only € 7.50: 'Zoervleis' with fries and a soft drink of your choice or MAA burger with fries and a soft drink of your choice. Indicate in the form below whether you want to use this and which one you choose. Are you staying overnight to explore the area? Then you can stay at one of the many South Limburg hotels or of course Gr8 Hotel Maastricht Airport.

Link to the AIP with AD information
https://www.lvnl.nl/eaip/2019-09-12-AIR ... en-GB.html
I spent many an evening and early morning there, waiting for KLM to take me to/from home.

Most memorable was probably when the aircraft went tech so didn't make the inbound flight. After check-in, waiting, we were called to the gate and proceeded onto the apron as normal to discover a bus sitting where the Fokker should have been. Unsurprisingly I missed my Schiphol connection to Glasgow. So I had less than 24 hours at home before returning again on Monday morning.

I hope the fly-in goes well! Bit too far for me to come down in my Jodel I'm afraid.