What are you planning? Where shall we go?
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By StratoTramp
Nah it's about a 4 hour drive. But will be visiting parents by air in future!

If it is cancelled due to weather down there I will come. I was meant to do it last time I visited them in august but was 1km vis at field! I'd asked for a special experience flight with some steep descending turns and stalls etc :lol: to compare with CT2K and SkyRanger. Quite like the look of KFAs, have the skills to build but I have no location.
By Cessna571
T6Harvard wrote:@Cessna571 Oh, shame.

Tried to pm you but I must be more thick than usual today and can't do it??! .

ETA - Ahh, not me, you currently have disabled PMs.

PMs now enabled!
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By T6Harvard
Pilot_in_training wrote:I've booked a ticket for the day and would love to meet up with everyone.

When you are given access to PM's (I think there is a short wait after joining the forum) message me with your mobile number so I can ring you on the day to arrange
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