What are you planning? Where shall we go?
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By Sir Morley Steven
Just reporting really as we are already here!
My intention was not to go along but to host a BBQ at my French gaff just over halfway down.
Two aircraft pitched up, one F172 2pob at Villefranche de Rouergue and a Piper Chieftain 4 pob into Rodez.
After much wine and persuasion lady MS and myself accompanied the Chieftan on leg2 and I am sitting in the hotel in Majorca as I write this.
Our leg was full IFR, the pilot, Dan, has just got his rating and we were delayed by the airport being closed when we got there! Eventually someone turned up and let us in but the due man hadn’t turned up.
Then Spain were being difficult with our delayed FP but we eventually got going about an hour and a half late. FL110 all the way apart from 100”ft agl over Majorca. Most professionally flown Dan! :salut:
When we arrived the 172 was waiting for us after a lowing level water crossing (3000ft) as class A was above them for half of the crossing and an F172’s climb rate isn’t that stunning in very how weather.
Three days here and Dan will drop us bott off back at Rodez on the way back where we will be slobbing out for a few more days.
Follow us on Blackbushe Aviation’s Facebook page, loads of pics. Magaluf! Oyoy!
Yup. Back in France now. Fantastic trip and superb flying by the pilots. I was just a passenger!
We had an IFR flight plan but Son Bonet have an elaborate procedure for getting airborne which we tried and failed to follow. We had to get airborne VFR in the end and talk to Palma once under the TMA.
Fantastic flight back though and hats off to the two pilots of the 172 who flew VFR to Limoges and VFR back to the Bushe.