What are you planning? Where shall we go?
Did you get a taker on helping you out?

PM me if you didnt


pb6797 wrote:Having just bought a Lemo to GA converter from Pacific Coast Avionics (I wanted one that took AA batteries) only to find it's DOA, would anyone who is going be able to do me a favour and take it out to the PCA stall at OshKosh to get it swapped, so I don't have to pay for freighting it back and forth?

Several pints on offer ...

Oshkosh live stream and ATC pretty interesting right now.

Shi tty weather with sipping rain IFR only.

Peeps getting fired off left right and centre to alternates: Many local airports also IFR.

ATC as always doing a sterling job letting the odd brave IR pilot in.

Hope it clears up for next week.