What are you planning? Where shall we go?
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The date is getting closer so here are the notes I promised. A bit long winded but I hope everything is covered. It will take quite a number of local volunteers to make sure you have an enjoyable day.

Would you please now confirm your intentions with the usual details (even if you are driving in) so that I can get a positive idea of numbers for catering, glidng, camping B&B etc. Fingers crossed for good weather, Nympsfield is a fantastic place on a nice :cyclopsani: summers day :sunny:

These notes are for guidance purposes only. If you have any doubts or questions please post on the forum and I will do my best to give you answers.


They are to assist any pilot visiting the FLYER FLYIN on 5th June 2018 (12th June wx alt).

Even up to the day of the event please look for the latest information on the forum thread viewtopic.php?f=66&t=106556&hilit=nymps
The objective of the day is to give you the opportunity to fly to an airfield that you would not normally visit, to tell you about the gliding community and hopefully to arrange some glider trial lessons for those that are interested.
The cost of a short trial lesson is about £99.00 which will include an aerotow and 3 months membership. http://bggc.co.uk/learn-to-fly/trial-lessons/ If you would like to have a flight please post on the forum early so that I can try and make arrangements.
As well as that you can meet old and new friends, have food at the airfield cafe, some good fun and stay overnight. If you are camping or want B&B, please post on the forum. There’s even a bar.

You will find BGGC airfield briefing notes here http://bggc.co.uk/visitors/visiting-pilots/ Please familiarise yourself with those notes. Rules of the air and the BGGC notes take precedence over these guidance notes.

Significant crosswinds can create a lot of turbulence at Nympsfield in which event we will consider postponing the event to the reserve date.

SUGGESTED procedure.

Arrivals STRICTLY PPR by calling Richard King 07887 652350 but only at reasonable times please.
No arrivals before 0900 or after 1200 and no departures before 1600. This will enable the daily gliding activity to take place. It would be even more helpful if you could arrive before 1100 because gliders taking part in a Cross Country Course may be launching.
If you need to depart earlier than 1600 it must be with the specific approval of Airfield Control in consultation with CFI Gliding. That will only be decided on the day with regard to Gliding activity.
About 1 mile south of the field is Lynch Knoll wind turbine with a smaller turbine beside it. You may want to use this as a wind direction indicator.
Join downwind left at circuit height 1000’ AAL.
A/G service may be provided on 129.975. Make calls to “NYMPSFIELD TRAFFIC”. Please keep calls brief.
A number of the glider fleet do not have radios.
1st call. 5nm from the field giving just aircraft registration, position and intentions.
2nd call. Downwind.
3rd call. Final.
The grass surface in the indicated area is in generally good condition. As usual at this time of year, a lot of work is being done by the staff rolling and cutting the field and that will continue.
There are gently undulating slopes along the length and far less gradual slopes over the width. The side slopes are hardly perceptible.
If 07 is in use touch down adjacent to the Targett Aviation hangar or just before and you can roll out to the end of the field. Turn LEFT because a following glider will always land to your right. Follow the marshals to parking.
If 25 is in use touch down adjacent to the Glider launch point and once again you will have plenty of room for roll out. Turn LEFT but do not cross the track. A following glider will always land to your right. Once you see the approach is clear keep turning left and follow the marshals to parking.
Parking will be in a single line along the north side of the strip, please follow the marshals directions. Rotary aircraft will be in a separate area.
“C” will be at the café, please report on landing. £10 landing fee for all visiting aircraft.
If you are staying overnight please sign a temporary membership form.
Fuel is NOT available.
Issued on behalf of Bristol and Gloucestershire Gliding Club, BGGC.


Mike Charlie G-ATMC 2 POB
mikehallam G-BXRZ Rans S6-116 1POB
josher G-DHAH Aeronca Champ from EGLS 1/2 POB
AusterAOP9 G-BURR in an Auster AOP 9 1POB
Cloudhound G-BMSA stinson HW75 2POB
Peter Gristwod G-BUTH Robin DR220 2POB
ChampChump G-TECC Aeronca Champ 1 POB
Whiskey Kilo Wanderer G-BUWK Rans 1 POB
pilotbarry GBHTC Jodel 1051 2POB
Grumpy One G IIRV RV9A with his carer if she allows him to fly :roll:
map5623 G OMIK Europa TBC
Aeronca Alan G-BRWR - Aeronca Chief 1 or 2 POB TBD
Nick G-FSBW Eurofox 1POB. I will camp so I can join you in a drink
Cygnet G BYYC Hapi Cygnet 1 POB
Kemble Pitts G AYGD Jodel DR1051 2 POB
cirrostratus G-LUSK. 2POB Camping.
Lockhaven G OTAN L21-B Cub
PB G AKUJ Trying hard ??
Russ_H G UACA Skyranger Camping
Rob P G BZXB RV6 (proper :D ) 1POB Camping
aerial G BUKO Cessna 120 - 2 POB
welkyboy GADKC DH87B 2 POB subject to permit renewal
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Grumpy One wrote:For the umpteenth time - Yes I'm trying to come to visit. AhctoG

The old codger is very concerned that no one has answered.

What G1 is really trying to say in his own inimitable style, bless him :roll: is, now that you have read and understand the Briefing notes, please confirm that you are attending by posting here your registration number, type of aircraft and POB. Also let me know if you are camping.
With that information we can make sure we are ready for your arrival and that the caterers have sufficient supplies.
We all want to make sure you have a great experience at Nympsfield.
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OK I went into Nympsfield with Waveflyer in his rather nice RV7A today. It’s a jolly friendly place with a decent caff.

Impressions from a piloting point of view:

Taildraggers should get in with no trouble at all as I saw a Pawnee taking off and landing from various parts of both ends during the day, just for convenience I think. They also use a Eurofox for towing, though it wasn’t in action today as it’s away having an engine upgrade.

The surface condition is pretty fair as grass fields go and is dry and firm in the designated usable areas, which are pretty spacious.

Rule one: Keep to the North of the track that is used by the winch launch trucks. They whizz along at a goodly lick.

For nose wheels it’s a bit more of a challenge and there are some things to bear in mind as outlined in the briefing.

The 25 end has a wide plateau which falls away relatively steeply by runway standards to a flattish area about 500 metres long with a slight upslope at the far end and there’s a slight upslope towards the track on your left.

To deal with those challenges two things are needed to be borne in mind carefully.

Rule 2: Keep the weight off the nose wheel until the roll out has pretty much ended. You might actually find yourself slightly airborne again off the edge of the plateau but not for long. Although the perspective might be a bit odd for some folk there is plenty of space for a rollout for most everyday aircraft, and though it might feel a bit uncontrolled it isn’t, so ……

Rule 3: Forget you have brakes until the roll out has pretty much completed.

If you aim for the touch down marker that Waveflyer plans to paint and maintain the 25 heading and follow the rules I’d expect you to be fine.

Taking off is a matter of keeping the stick back and accelerating until the aircraft feels ready to fly and then going, it’s a little bit bouncy but no worse than other grass fields I’ve used e.g. Alderney 31/13

For 07 I don’t actually know because we neither took off nor landed on it. However it looks as though a touch down by the Targett Hangar should have you touch down beyond the undulation at that end onto the flat bit and your rollout should end because of the upslope to the plateau at the far end.

This Youtube video gives a clear idea of the approach and landing and you can see the roll out and taxi which gives a good idea of surface conditions. Because I'm rubbish at holding and operating gopro I suggest you start at 3 mins 30!

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