What are you planning? Where shall we go?
https://www.cheltenham.gov.uk/news/arti ... ary_of_ww1

Just a 'heads-up': more details about extra opening days nearer the time

The Borough will be focussing its commemoration of WW1 at Jet Age with special exhibits during April. It is likely that there will be extra days open to the public (and, therefore, to fly-ins), as well as opening for prebooked group tours; but no details of which days yet. RAFA will be leading on organising the exhibits, but they are expected to include aviation-related items not normally soon in public, which are normally in the Museum and Archives of a certain large building under the 27 Approach.
<bump> for formal opening on Saturday 31 Mar. Yes, a day early for RAF100, but Digby jumped the gun in 1917, too :)

New displays are looking good (but I would say that :oops: )

Extra public openings Friday 30 Mar, Mon 2 Apr (PHs) and 4, 11 Apr (school holiday Weds). Other extra openings during April are only for (several!) school visits by arrangements.
>1700 visitors in first 4 days, with BBC and ITN (local) TV coverage. :) Still on until 22 April; fly-ins still welcome (had them on Sat (brave!) and Sun); taxiway R and Museum apron are OK despite rain. Open Weds 4 and 11 April as well as Sat/Sun.

Several school groups scheduled for 1st 2 weeks of summer term.

Highlights so far included:

RAFA (including retired AVM every day :salut: ) and Air Cadets well represented.

Visitors from at least Bulgaria, Ireland, Italy, Peru, Poland, South Africa, Thailand (last not in my language repertoire; needed MichaelP :oops: )

Several very interesting veterans of RAF or aviation industry, or their immediate relatives. One brought in his father's Record of Service, showing his transfer from RNAS to RAF on 1 April 1918. Others brought some great stuff for our Archives or books for resale through ough our shop.

Cafe cakes received usual high praise from visitors :)

At least 1 Forumite, and a denizen of another pilots' group, flew in together. Apologies if there were others whom I overlooked, but it was quite busy :?

At least 1 visitor signed up a a Member with a view to becoming a Volunteer.
<bump> for reminder that last weekend of the special exhibits is coming up.

The SE5 leaves us on Friday, and the other exhibits next week. Taxiway R has been mown and should be a little bit less soft, too .. :)

Now that schools are back, school group visits have started. They, too, are going well. Local BBC TV filmed one in action yesterday.

Apologies if I've failed to connect with any visiting Forumites. At least 1 fly-in came and went when I was too busy in the main hall to go to greet crew at the airside gate.
Footfall numbers were very gratifying:

12 'public' days: 2585 adults 974 children, 3559; well over twice a 'typical' total on most days

7 primary school visit days: 25, 200, 225

Apologies again to any Forumites I missed. It was fairly frantic at times (a good thing :) )