What are you planning? Where shall we go?
Yes, they accept aircraft / helicopters during the trials. See the 'Aircraft' section of this page.

When you see the queues on the roads around Badminton during the event, you know that there is only one sensible way to arrive and depart :D. There is a PPR form on the link and entrance tickets / landing fees are all dealt with at the aircraft on arrival.

A very civilised day out.

Iceman 8)
It was a scorching day out. Shame that I couldn't indulge in the Pimms and champagne but the strawberries and cream did go down well. I thought that it was going to be a quick day out when, on arrival, we were told that at aircraft had gone off the end of the runway, pretty good going for a 1300 m runway. It transpired that an Auster had actually gone off the side of the runway into the race seed but was recovered quite quickly to allow the stream of arrivals to continue.

Iceman 8)