What are you planning? Where shall we go?
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By Dave W
jerry_atrick wrote:... prefer to be there 06:00..

JonathanB wrote:... or I might have tried to get a pass out!

If we're still there at 0600 then passing out is a distinct possibility.

Regardless, tomorrow evening has much promise - I'm really looking forward to putting some new faces to names. :D
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By jerry_atrick
Sheaf Recce Report:

Well, was there last night to sample the establishment and it is best described as Slug & Lettuce/All Bar One meets Pizza Express.. There rowdy patronage too, but that was prob90 on account of the Ireland WC game being broadcast.

We quickly sauntered to the White Hart... (about 10 mins towards Waterloo by foot) Proper pub, it was.

Happy to stay at the Sheaf unless there is dire objection...
By Pilot Pete
There's a good chance I can drop in.
I will have to park north of the river and walk, so Sheaf works well for my parking option. But if you move I'll still find you :twisted:
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By jerry_atrick
I I am about to make my way to the Sheaf... Mobile phone is dead (bad planning on my part). At least one other should be there now..

Blue jeans, blue fleece top, shirt... Easy to spot!