What are you planning? Where shall we go?
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By joe-fbs
Other people than me have done all the real work of collecting funds then getting the bench made and installed, all we have to do now is meet there for a fly-in to have an inauguration / celebration.

Glenforsa Hotel has given 22-23 July as the only available date so please let me know through these channels if you intend to be there so that I can do the admin'.

By coincidence, I'm booked into the hotel for 26-27 May so will be able to sort more details then.
G-BLEW wrote:Will also be heading to Oshkosh that weekend. @Iceman we can raise a glass at Osh, and sort a visit to Glenforsa for later in the summer?


Indeed we will on both counts, sounds like a plan :thumright:.

Iceman 8)
AndyR wrote:Assume we are responsible for booking the rooms independently Joe?

I would think so - they're pay up front, so I doubt Joe will be wanting to spend that much money.

I've booked our room... we just need to work out whether it's just me, or me and him, and which aeroplane we're going in. :?