What are you planning? Where shall we go?
Thank Rob for organising such a super evening again and to catch up with the news from some old friends and meet some new ones. Great to finally meet Riccardo and his son.

I hadn't realised that it all started some years ago when a group of you decided to fly down to Italy to meet up with Riccardo. The frienships generated will always be fondly remembered. Safe flying all of you.
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My thanks too.

I left while you lot were still asleep and crawled back to Gloucester in the teeth of a howling wind, but at least I was in time for the village lunch :-)

No more food or drink for me for a few days :oops:
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The lightweights should know that it all finally wound down at 0430 Sunday morning. :drunken:

Seriously good night, and thank you everyone for coming to return some of the hospitality that Riccardo always shows to his English visitors. Next time though may we have Kat attending too?

Rob P
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Rob et al.,

Unfortunately I could not make it as I was at a conference all day, I had hoped to pop up for some after dinner drinks but did not manage that either. Glad everyone had a good time and hope to be able to partake next time.
A great evening - thanks Rob - look forward to the next one. Was also a great day out Sunday (our first visit to Duxford ... very impressive despite the strong cold winds).
Very pleased to have followed the Eagles back to Italy though..... Left Stansted in fog, rain & 9'C this morning, now sat outside in shorts in Tropea, 19'C sunshine & clear blue skies :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: Ciao.
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Dear Friends,

thank you.

It was a great honour that you took time to come and say hello, flying in, and driving long hours, you were so many.

The pleasure of meeting well known faces and finally meeting well known forum names made for a great evening together.

A special thanks to Rob&Sandra for the organization, location and meal were excellent.

And African Eagle # 2 was properly introduced into the pilot community :wink: , the smile on his face is still beaming.

Thank you again.
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Great to see you again African Eagle and to be introduced to your son. It was a 'heavy' weekend, with grappa until 0330 and then up again at 0815 to rendezvous with someone back at the Bushe before flying off for the day :shock:. Still trying to recover.

Thanks to Rob and Sandra for organising. The food and drink were good.


Iceman 8)
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Thanks to all of you that went representing the many more of us that have been so well looked after in Italy.

It looks as though every body had a good time, especially the Eagles. :thumleft: