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By Bobcro
Please don't rule out Cranfield as a destination as you will find a warm welcome from ATC and plenty of places to eat but some have restricted hours, in fact Cranfield probably have more eateries on site than any other airfield, they also have more hungry students as well so best to try and avoid the busy periods.

In no particular order but closest to ATC are those located near to the Library and The Vincent Building

CSA Cafe and bar. (100 m N) Cranfield Students Association

M-F 0830 - 2030, Open Saturdays and Sundays. 1200-1800. Sky TV.

CAFE 52 Monday - Thursday 0830 - 1800 (15.30 on Fridays). (NE corner of the Vincent Building).

Social Club, part of the Shopping parade. M - F 0830 - 1630. Sat Lunch 1200 -1400
Comfortable atmosphere with a huge variety of food to eat in or take away.

Cafe Bookshop. M - F 0830 - 1730. Sat 0900 - 1200. part of the shopping parade.
Good fresh food, coffee and WiFi.

Cranberries. M - F 0830 - 1630. Sat 1200 - 1400. Stafford Cripps Building.

Michell Hall. just across the road to the left of the eastern gate.
M - F 0730 - 0930. 1200 - 1400, 1730 - 2130. Self service and take away. Good hotel accommodation is available at the Cranfield Management Development Centre next door.

Local Shop Shopping parade. Open early closes late. Good selection of sandwiches, filled rolls and a snacks.

Wharley End Garage . Open early closes late. Selection of food and snacks.

I also understand that there are also TWO sticky low cost bun centres, one under the Flying Wing structure and the other in the Whittle Building which features the Jet Engine Museum. Having been there 30+ years I have yet to find time to sample either, but who knows.

There is a cash point at the shopping parade and the bank will be open again in early June.

Buses to either Milton Keynes or Bedford are at 20-30 min intervals.

There are at least 3 flying clubs based near the Control Tower and good engineering facilities to fix your aircraft and the natives are friendly.

No you cannot sit out in the sun and watch the planes go by but by investing upwards of £52 million pounds over the next few years Cranfield University is showing its commitment to the UK Aerospace Industry.
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By joe-fbs
Thanks Bob. This is very useful. Maybe copy it into the ATIS entry for Cranfield?
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By cloudhopper
Bob, you may want to edit your Mitchell Hall entry as it may lead to confusion with Cranfield Management Development Centre next door (good food but not sure whether it's open to visiting pilots). Also the Costa, in the same building as Cranberries, is open till 4 for tea/coffee.

There are also 2 Cafe Comets, that do teas/sticky buns at low prices - one in the aerospace building by IAE (can't remember the number) with the Nimrod, cabin sim and 747 sim etc, the other in B52 - Whittle Building end upstairs above the jet engine museum/exhibition (worth a visit if you're popping into

If you're after decent pub food, The Swan at Salford is <5 mins away by taxi.

Please don't write off Cranfield - if you don't use it then it will lead to more calls from people like my colleagues who think the airfield is a moneypit and should have been built on years ago.
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By Paul_Sengupta
Would it be possible to obtain some sort of site plan and mark these places on it?
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By TonyC
Paul_Sengupta wrote:Would it be possible to obtain some sort of site plan and mark these places on it?

Good idea i will try and knock something up.

When were in our new place i will alway have the kettle on for pilots.
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By cloudhopper
Tony, do you have a copy of the campus map? If not, I can send you one tomorrow.
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By TonyC
cloudhopper wrote:Tony, do you have a copy of the campus map? If not, I can send you one tomorrow.

Same one as on the Uni website ? If not can you send it to

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By cloudhopper
Well, a certain aviation company appears to have a swanky new office as evidenced by an estates article on our intranet and a new sign by Cranfield Aerospace.
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By PeteSpencer
Shirley not Bonus Aviation back from the dead? :wink:
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By cloudhopper
PeteSpencer wrote:Shirley not Bonus Aviation back from the dead? :wink:

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By Genghis the Engineer
I was working at Cranfield all day last Saturday, and went to the Social Club for lunch.

Seems that Uncke Lims ' the local Chinese - was in residence. I had a very fine (and enormous) Singapore rice for under a fiver.

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By cloudhopper
According to one of my PhD students the takeaway van thing that is parked next to the petrol station does very good food.